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Lisa Machielse is a young designer who has just graduated from Fontys Academy of the Arts in Art, Communication and Design. Lisa is mainly concerned with sustainability, reuse and (residual) materials.

With her organized chaotic design style, she creates installations and products to get people thinking and engaging in conversation. She is extremely interested in people and how and with what thoughts they make certain choices.


Lisa also has an interest in natural materials and the agricultural sector, partly because she grew up on an arable farm. She is very focused on details and loves contrasts. Some of her previous projects were, for example, about identity, the goose problem and the residual material of potato peels.


For example, during her internship at Agnes van Dijk, Lisa designed and made fashion creations from potato peels and developed her own potato peel material.


Email -

LinkedIn - Lisa Machielse

Instagram - @lisamachielse

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